Thursday, 28 July 2011

Who is Rick Perry?

Although the Gov. of Texas has yet to formally announce his declaration as a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination; he essentially has done. By saying his campaign will launch at the end of August he is buying time to start fundraising and fill his war chest. So, this is a little pre-profile snippet of who and what the man from Texas is. I cannot be arsed to write a full profile piece until he actually straps up and formally declares; no declaration = no profile.

Rick Perry speaking at CPAC 2011. Picture by Gage Skidmore via Flickr.

  • 47th Gov. of Texas since 2000 and is currently the USA’s longest serving Governor.
  • A Texan has occupied the White House for 17 of the last 48 years.
  • Differs in style from predecessor GW Bush in that rather than styling himself as ‘uniter’, he is more of a divider and willingly sticks it to the moderate wing of the GOP.
  • At home with the Tea Party and oversaw a budget that cut $4 billion from Texas public schools.
  • Perry was also once a Democrat, just like Buddy Roemer, when he was elected to the state legislature in 1985 but switched in 1989.
  • Son of cotton farmers, he grew up in rural Texas and attended Texas A&M. Their latest Aggie product being Von Miller who went 2nd overall to the Broncos in the NFL Draft.
This is pretty much a google search of facts about Rick but when he declares he’ll get the extensively detailed profile and a place on our candidates page, near the top, I promise. Winking smile