This newslog aspires to inform and enlighten you about the American Presidential election in 2012; the most important political race in the world. Here you will find a thorough and impartial guide to the race, including profiles of the major runners, in the hope that it will serve as your 'go-to' source for information. It chronicles the race from the invisible primary, into the GOP primary season and then into the election itself in our effort to provide total coverage of politics' most hyped election.

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Aiming to bring you the best of the news without pushing a political agenda; for the left or the right and neither for a particular issue - this blog is beholden to nobody.

However, in our articles you will also find short interjections - in this text format - which provides our (hopefully) humorous commentary on the news of the day in order to inject a bit of fun and satire into proceedings. After all, the last election in 2008 gave us some absolute comedy gems from Joe Biden's gaffe prone speeches to John McCain's infamous 'Joe the Plumber' and it would be a shame to gloss over the funnier side of things.
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