Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Gingrich Campaign is $1 Million in Debt

In what has been a pretty tumultuous and unprofessional campaign, that in many ways ended with the ‘Newtiny’ on the Bounty, it seems things are only getting worse for the former Speaker from Georgia. Love the wordplay, love it!

Picture by Cain and Todd Benson via Flickr under a CC license.

In a campaign disclosure document given to the Associated Press it listed that the campaign was $1.3 million in debt with just over $322 000 dollars in hand. Meanwhile, the Obama campaign reported fundraising of more than $46 million in the second quarter with an estimate of having a near $1 billion war chest. I’m sorry Newt but unless you find the next El Dorado you’re pretty stuffed.

The wrangling debt appears to be another nail in the coffin of Gingrich’s campaign which has been marred by controversy including the glitter incident at a book signing and accusations that his wife, Calista, has been too meddlesome. This is perhaps the most damming charge in that he has failed to take his campaign seriously which led to the ‘Newtiny’ in which 18 senior staffers quit the campaign. Still loving the wordplay!   

Gingrich’s failure to seize the initiative in this campaign has to rank as the greatest of missed chances. With no clear cut GOP runner and Gingrich’s previous political pedigree he had a real chance to make this work and he blew it. Taking a tropical holiday in the middle of the campaign at the insistence of your wife does not cut the mustard. Running for the Presidency is the NFL of campaign politics and Gingrich has treated like little league. The guy is a bust of a presidential candidate as JaMarcus Russell is a franchise quarterback.