Friday, 17 February 2012

Candidates gear up for Michigan fight and Super Tuesday

With blue-collar Michigan the next stop for each battle bus, candidates have been simultaneously preparing themselves for Super Tuesday which happens a week after they throw-down in Wolverine country.

Expect Santorum to lay down the gauntlet in Michigan, as he tries to identify himself as a fellow blue-collar worker from Pennsylvania, and for Arizona to fall in the Romney column given it's sizable Mormon population. There will be 59 delegates at stake between Arizona and Michigan whilst all states voting on Super Tuesday will allocate their delegates proportionately, meaning it's not necessarily about winning each state but doing as well as you can. Ahhhh, isn't that nice!

Monday, 6 February 2012

Romney rolls through Nevada, Newt fights on

With back-to-back victories to his name, Willard Mitt Romney looks increasingly likely to be the man President Barack Obama will look at across the debate podium. Returns from 16 of 17 counties in the Nevada caucus showed Romney sitting on 42 points and Gingrich on 26, further showing the former House Speaker is dropping off the pace, and fast. Well, given the sheer number of horses Willard has in his stables, you'd expect him to gallop away at some point... #OutOfIdeas

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Willard wins Florida, cements candidacy

The Republican presidential nomination race came to Florida as a seemingly two-horse race. Has it now ensured that the race moves on with only one looking in good shape? In a rather one-sided affair, Willard Mitt Romney came away with an approximate 15 point victory over nearest challenger Newt Gingrich. I promise I'll stop constantly referring to him as Willard Mitt... I won't the names are just so silly unique.