Friday, 22 July 2011

Buddy Roemer Declares

The former Governor from Louisiana, also a former Democrat as it happens, has cast his hat into the ring to be the GOP nominee to take on Obama for the Presidency of the US-of-A. The guy is 67 and had a triple heart bypass in 2005. An old man with health conditions for the GOP nomination? Who does that remind me of?

(Lightbulb!) Oh yes, the guy that lost the election last time around with his rather buxom daughter. Unfortunately for me, I won’t be able to enjoy Meghan McCain this time around (*sigh*) or her father selling his soul as he recanted on his trademark maverick positions to unscrupulously seek the grassroots’ vote!
The one term former Gov. has themed his campaign around the theme of ‘Free to Lead.’ (Insert grey, nondescript, feel-good buzz phrase here.) The tenants of his approach will be to limit campaign contributions to $100 per individual, avoid PAC funding and highlight the influence of ‘Big Money’ in American politics. Well, good luck not getting drowned out by Obama and his near $1 billion war chest!

It appears that Roemer’s campaign is going to be issue based; perhaps along the lines of fellow candidates Fred Karger and Thad McCotter. On his unique approach he told a crowd at Dartmouth’s Hannover Inn: “I have deliberately chosen a path requiring the help of many because that’s the way to win and, more importantly, that’s the way to get these mighty things done after the election.”

Clearly Roemer’s campaign is not one that is going to be treated with mainstream significance but it should nonetheless add some colour to a snail-paced GOP field. He’s still no Meghan McCain though…