Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Rick Perry Eyes Campaign Launch

Texas Gov. Rick Perry seems set to enter the fray as a ‘big fish’ candidate in the next few weeks. With fellow undecided Republican politician Sarah Palin yet to make a decision and, being very quite in recent weeks, perhaps Perry will be the name to shake things up. Ice ages have moved faster than this field of chumps candidates.

Perry seems to be eyeing up a mid-August declaration giving him time to get on to the fundraising trail to create a war chest to take on Obama. As is often mentioned on this blog it is thought that Obama may have a near $1 billion war chest comprising of new fundraising and the money left over from the 2008 campaign. OMFG

With Perry’s candidacy essentially announced it may spark GOP donors, activists and political operators to get off the fence and back someone which should hopefully see the field take shape. With no clear-cut frontrunner, and only Romney and Bachmann generating significant support, the introduction of Perry may see a spike in glad-handing and cheque writing which should hopefully breathe some life into what has become an increasingly stagnant field.

Bachmann is staying home due to migraines, Romney still has the same mono-tonal voice and the others have yet to stir up a riot. C’mon people, let’s get some excitement into this thing!