Thursday, 21 July 2011

Is Rudy Giuliani Considering Another Run?

The former Mayor of New York, who presided over the 9/11 terrorist attack clean up, ran unsuccessfully for the 2008 presidency but it seems he may be gearing up for another attempt. He crashed and burned last time around. A combination of being lackadaisical and complacency by not starting his campaign early enough wasted whatever political capital he added by leading New York through the terrorist attack crisis. Since then he has does precious little and, at this moment in time, his candidacy would make jack-all difference to the field.   

Giuliani with groupies supporters. Photo by VictoryNH: Protect our Primary.

Giuliani is on his fourth visit to New Hampshire and has said that by the end of the Summer he will make a decision on whether he will challenge for the GOP nomination. However, it seems probable that the decision will come earlier, as the field starts to take shape, but the question is whether he makes it or it is made for him. The slow pace with which the Republican field is setting himself has been commented on throughout the media and even lampooned by the Daily Show’s Jon Stewart as “Indecision 2012.” Real funny guy and love his show but, here in the UK, More4 have really f*cked up by axing the next-day broadcast schedule they had in place. Constant re-runs of Come Dine With Me is beyond wearisome.

The lack of turgidity in the Republican field has meant some ‘big fish’ GOP politicians have started warming to a run despite being non-committal earlier on. Sarah Palin has yet to make a definitive decision despite her “One Nation” tour, Texas Gov. Rick Perry looks increasingly set to run, now the rather washed-up Giuliani is considering throwing his hat into the ring and we can also expect a formal announcement from the party-switching Buddy Roemer in the next week.

In all honesty Roemer’s candidacy would fall into the significance tier of Thad McCotter whilst Giuliani’s would fall into the Gingrich group of golden oldies trying to stay relevant. However, Palin would clearly rock the boat if she hopped on and cat fight between her and Bachmann for the soul of the grassroots would make some seriously good copy and Perry is rumoured to believe that Texas should secede from the Union so then we could have a comedian too!