Tuesday, 26 July 2011

The Donald Derides T-Paw

Multi-million dollar businessman and star of The Apprentice, Donald Trump, has derided GOP candidate Tim Pawlenty as a wannabe strong man who failed to nail Romney over his association with the polemic Obama healthcare legislation. The Donald is back!

Whilst it's nice to hear 'that bloke with the awful haircut' back on the airwaves providing media friendly sound bites he is in, frankly, NO POSITION to criticise other candidates. The reason being he, not for the first time, discovered he lacked the balls to even try and make it in politics. Instead, he's retreated back to his comparatively cotton-balled privates sector world and is now taking pot-shots at others in a rather pathetic attempt to remain relevant

Donald, nobody cares what you have to say because despite all your bravado, all your defamatory b*llshit and your deluded policy suggestions; you are just an over conditioned hair cut. You bottled it when you could have bitten the bullet. You are a sieve of political credibility and nobody takes you seriously when it comes to running this country. 

Anyhoo, keeping coming out with these nuggets of hyperbole because it is well fun writing about. Keep up the good work!