Friday, 30 December 2011

Ron Paul drafts in youth

Longtime Texas Congressman Ron Paul has something of a cult popularity amongst the youth of today that fill college campuses up and down the country. Indeed, his popularity on social media platforms is notable even compared to the super-cool Barack Obama and Howard Dean; who was the forbearer of energizing a candidacy through 'nu-meedz.' Yeah, that's right, I'm down with the kids.

Guerilla QR codes. Engaging the urban youth of today?
Photo: ell brown (Flickr)

Reports have stated that the youthful foot soldiers have come from states far outside of Iowa. They include Virginia and California with even one coming from as far a field as Brazil. Yes! In South America! Really? You came all this way to campaign for Ron Paul? You already have the superb Lula da Silva to shout about.
Many Iowa Republicans have warned that the more Paul talks about his beliefs on defense and international affairs, the more difficult his prospects of winning the caucuses become.
But Paul nonetheless spoke eagerly and at length on topics ranging from how the Peace Corps was not authorized by the Constitution to questioning the continued American troop presence in South Korea, despite the potentially perilous leadership transition in North Korea. (Scott Conroy, Real Clear Politics)
Whatever you think of him, you have to appreciate that the man sticks to his guns; and for so long. But for how much longer is the money question.