Sunday, 11 December 2011

Hot runner Newt throws out first Iowa ad

Former Speaker Newt Gingrich is full-swing into his now hotly tipped campaign and he's also released his first TV ad in Iowa; home of the all important Iowa caucuses. The ad buy for the minute long spot cost the campaign $250,000 and was aired across the state on broadcast and cable stations. Who's the Big Dog now Ron Paul?

No that's not Austin Powers in a less than groovy suit! Newt Gingrich as a young professor at the University of Georgia. Go Bulldogs? Photo: awhazlett (Flickr)

The ad takes on a refreshingly positive and optimistic approach when compared to its contemporaries released by Ron Paul and Mitt Romney. Instead of pointing out the alleged failures of the current administration it seeks to explain what America could become if it made this husband of three Commander in Chief. Where have we heard this hopey, changey stuff before? Watch it and weep!