Monday, 2 January 2012

The eve of the Iowa caucus

Last time around our lad Willard (that's Mitt Romney to the uninformed) finished a rather distant second to Mike Huckabee, short by nearly 10%. The 'next-in-line' candidate went on to finish third in the overall nominee race with John 'call me Maverick' McCain taking on Obama and selling his soul down the river in the process. Needs must...

This time around the former Governor of Massachusetts will be hoping for a better result after having four years to stew over the disappointment of not having a crack at this young, hipster Senator bloke. Called Barry... or something.

He'll be up against Josh Brolin lookalike Rick Perry (wait... I think that was a compliment), the rising niche conservative candidate Rick Santorum, the evergreen Ron Paul and the history teaching Newt Gingrich.

What the caucus will tell us is if Willard can connect with the salt-of-the-earth Republicans and give a needed credible grassroots impetus to his campaign. I mean... who doesn't relate to a multi-millionaire Mormon, who organised a winter Olympic games and governed one of the federation's richest states?