Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Paul goes after serial hypocrite Gingrich

Texas Congressman, serving his last term, Ron Paul has released a TV ad in Iowa calling former Speaker and Georgia Congressman Newt Gingrich a serial hypocrite. The two and a half minute spot, entitled "Serial Hypocrisy", seeks to show the various positions the former professor has flip-flopped on. Straight up, the ad was cr*p.

Do you want a Ron Paul Revolution? He says he's going to cut $1 trillion in Year 1. Photo: Jayel Aheram (Flickr)

Compared to Ron 'The Warrior' Paul's last ad, called 'Big Dog', this Newslog feels this latest attempt is seriously bad. I mean really bad. It's horrendous, isn't thought provoking and is shoddily put together. It lacks continuity between clips and messily communicates its message. Watch it yourself.