Friday, 20 January 2012

Perry, Huntsman bow out after disappointing results

One time frontrunner Rick Perry has withdrawn from the race to become the Republican party's presidential nominee. Joining him on the sidelines is Jon Huntsman who entered the race as something resembling the 'thinking man's' candidate with his libertarian leaning outlook. Perry fell off the horse that was going to take him to the finish line, Huntsman never really got into the saddle...

The clip above shows the moment Perry started to descend down the slippery slope of electoral failure as the seeds of doubt were sown in the minds of GOP diehards that this proponent of small government and curbed public spending couldn't even name all the federal departments he'd slash and burn. "As long as I'm seein' flames, I don't give a hoot what burns!"

Even after a rather disappointing third place in the New Hampshire primary, Huntsman had insisted he'd continue but this newslog believes his decision to stand aside comes about as a result of disappointing fundraising figures and that various attacks on Romney haven't particularly withering. He could self-fund but really he was just a bit late to the fight to really get going.