Thursday, 23 June 2011

Pawlenty and Gingrich Release Ads

Republican presidential nominee hopefuls Tim Pawlenty and Newt Gingrich have released new ads in the last couple of days with the former being the first to release one in Iowa. The state plays such an important role in primary politics because their caucuses are the first in the Nation and the first credible indicator of how the field is taking shape.

In his ad Pawlenty said: "A lot of candidates will come to Iowa and say the same things." Perhaps in reference to Mitt Romney declaring in the state that he was in favour, of the rather controversial, ethanol subsidies which the state benefits largely from but at odds with the free market economics he advocates. It also forms part of a greater personal attack on the former Massachusetts Governor as just last week he went on the FOX News channel and labelled Obama's healthcare legislation "Obomney-care." An attempt to deride Romney's critically successful healthcare legislation which he implemented in Massachusetts as Governor which also served as something of a blueprint for Obama hallmark piece of legislation; the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

In all honesty "Obomney-care" was a pretty good way to taint Mitt's record but Tim failed to back himself when given the opportunity to address his catchphrase in the recent New Hampshire GOP debate just over a week ago. Instead he weaselled his way out of it with a smart alec smirk all over his face. Grow a pair!!

Meanwhile, former Speaker Newt Gingrich is haemorrhaging even more staff as two of his top fund-raisers quit on Tuesday citing the campaign's dire financial state. Gingrich has sought to blame this on the "big ideas" he has for his campaign that seem to differ from conventional successful political campaigning. This comes after he lost around 20 senior staffers earlier this month who cited his wife Callista, who alledgedly is micro-managing his diary, as preventing the former Georgia Congressman from committing to the campaign adequately.

He did after all take a tropical holiday with his third wife in the middle of the campaign and went to the opera instead of pressing the flesh on Memorial Day weekend. Palin spent that same weekend riding around on huge motorbikes with veterans in order to pay tribute to lost brothers in arms. I'm sorry, which one is supposed to be the politician with a serious political pedigree because I'm pretty sure one of them is just riding around on a big-ass bus for no apparent reason?

Gingrich however decided to address the Federal Reserve rather than take pot shots at fellow competitors. Certainly, a topic he has something in common with competitor, the ever-green, Ron Paul.