Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Huntsman Declares

President Barack Obama's former Ambassador to China, Jon Huntsman (Jr.), has declared his candidacy to be the Republican nomination for President. The former Governor of Utah, 51, stood in front of New York's Statue of Liberty and told the crowd: "We are a resourceful, ingenious, determined, problem-solving people. ... We choose our destiny." He added: "This is that moment. We’re not just choosing new leaders. We’re choosing whether we are to become yesterday’s story or tomorrow’s."

Photo by zennie62 via Flickr.

Like Mitt Romney he is of Mormon faith and like fellow candidate Gary Johnson he has virtually little name recognition and appears to be joining the field rather late. Although, perhaps the biggest profile name of the possible Republican field at the moment is yet to make a definitive decision.

She's too busy riding a big-ass bus with big-ass words on the side that say: "We the people." Also, she's got a film out about her tenure as Alaska Governor and she may even pop out a book to accompany it. Someone has got to compete with Obama's goliath-sized war chest.

After spending the last several weeks touring various parts of the country in order to promote his profile he said to the crowd: "I’ve been a governor ... I’ve been a businessman and a I’ve been a diplomat. I’m the husband of the love of my life ... and the father of seven terrific kids." He also referred to his Utah roots declaring: "I’m from the American West, where the view of America is limitless with lots of blue sky."