Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Palin’s Bus Tour in Service Station

Former Alaska Governor and possible 2012 presidential candidate Sarah Palin seems to have taken some sort of rest stop from her “One Nation” bus tour that has been touring several historical sites along the East Coast.

one nation bus
Picture by Photo Gallery via Flickr.

You know! The big-ass bus with the big-ass “We the People” plastered on the side of it. Apparently it is supposed to emphasise some sort of Constitutional principle that is presently lacking from Obama politics and indeed inferring that current legislation has been passed against the common will and interest. (Did you just say healthcare?)

Although no formal itinerary has been publically produced there have allegedly been draft plans produced that would see her travel round the country and correspond with her publically stated intentions of visiting key states that include Iowa, South Carolina and New Hampshire. However, it now appears that the Palin clan have retreated back to their home in Alaska where it is the height of the Summer with the Sun shining for around 19 hours a day.

Whilst this family break may be well deserved given Palin’s children have been travelling with her on the “One Nation” tour there are implications. Whatever momentum she has built up for herself, given the huge media attention the tour has attracted, she may now be jeopardizing. Grassroots supporters seem somewhat agitated and confused by her indecision over her candidacy whilst commentators seem perplexed she is not building on her momentum.

All along Palin has yet to confirm whether or not she is running for the Presidency and has publically stated that she will take the next few weeks to mull over the final decision with her family. Quiet suggestions have been made she has contacted another possible candidate, Texas Governor and fellow ‘Tea Party-ier’ Rick Perry, with her offer of support should he run which has been widely speculated as of late.

Whatever her motivation, family or strategy, she has the country on tenterhooks but the rigours of presidential campaigning may force her to make her decision sooner rather than later.

This thing has about as much suspense as finding out Darth Vader was Luke Skywalker’s father. JUST TELL US ALREADY!!!