Monday, 30 May 2011

Campaign Tour or Book Tour?

Rolling in on the back of a Harley the former Vice-Presidential nominee has been travelling throughout the East Coast appearing at several events but seemingly without talking anything political. She joined thousands of other leather-clad Harley-riding Americans in tribute to war veterans on Memorial Day as they rode from the Pentagon to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

Historically Republicans have always fared well with military veterans and on the day, with Palin surrounded by many who looked upon her favourably, many encouraged her to run. When one asked if she was going to run she replied: "Don't know."

Palin remains a question mark as to whether she would be willing run and the smart money says she won't when she can spend the next 4 years preparing and honing her skills without missing her window given age is on her side. Whilst this tour has certainly caused a stir in these early days of the Republican primary season it does not look or feel like she is teeing up an announcement of her candidacy for the nomination. Instead it would seem she is taking advantage of the circumstances and suspense surrounding her decision by broadcasting herself a bit more and getting her book out there. She isn't in Iowa which is where she should be if she is seriously considering a run so spending time in D.C is really a waste of her time; unless it's a book tour.

Photo by Fred Dunn via Flickr.