Saturday, 21 May 2011

The First Ad of 2012

The first political attack ad of sorts has been released by pressure group Priorities USA. Although not formally linked to the White House or the Obama re-election campaign it does have links to the White House through former deputy press secretary Bill Burton. The ad latches onto possible Republican nominee Mitt Romney's position on Medicare, which he has yet to clearly define, and it is suggested that he is flip-flopping on the issue given his background. He is the former Governor of Massachusetts and during his tenure he instituted widely acclaimed healthcare reforms that became the basis of 'Obamacare.' The ad levels criticism at Romney for saying that he is on "the same page" as Congressman Paul Ryan who composed the plan to essentially abolish Medicare; a programme hugely popular amongst the country's elderly beneficiaries.

Romney's campaign team dismissed the ad as part of a "smear campaign." Romney is now off to South Carolina for a visit and is likely to make a decision on his candidacy in the next couple of weeks although it seems virtually certain that he will run.