Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Tim Pawlenty Withdraws

Former Gov. of Minnesota Tim Pawlenty has withdrawn from the presidential race after not receiving the kick he needed from the Ames Iowa Straw Poll. He finished in third place with 13.6% of the vote behind Michele Bachmann and Ron Paul who earned 28.6% and 27.7% of the vote respectively. Ouch... 

For a man lining himself up to be a top-tier candidate both in rhetoric and, perhaps more importantly, finanically finishing a distant third in a state he has said he "needs to win" is a crippling result. Further fundraising on the back of this would have been extremely tricky so after what seemed a good start to the campaign he has bowed out.

A point he might look back on as to 'where it all went wrong' may be his cowardice in not being stronger with his attacks on Romney and his association with the infamous Obama healthcare plan featuring the soundbite: "Obomney-care." Oooohhh... catchy!

On a personal level, it's well known that there is a longstanding animosity between himself and fellow Minnesotan Michele Bachmann and it seems her campaign is taking flight whilst his is sinking. However, despite her encouraging result at the straw poll she will have to contend with frontrunner Romney and possible big-fish latecomer, Texas Gov., Rick Perry. Mark my words. Her cameo campaign will sink just as quickly as it rose. When the boss cats get their claws out, her balloon will deflate...

The reasoning behind my admittedly harsh prediction is based on history; the fact she is a Congresswoman. Only James Garfield has moved directly from the House of Representatives to the Presidency and he did so in the 1880 election with a widely respected and admired heavyweight body of work from the House - something Bachmann, in relative terms, does not possess. Sorry Michele...

Statement from the Pawlenty campaign published on 16/8.

It was a great honor to run for President.

It has been an even a greater honor to have friends and supporters like you. Mary and I are incredibly grateful to each of you for your friendship, loyalty and hard work. We deeply appreciate it and will always remember and cherish your kindness.

I wish things had turned out differently. We needed to get a boost at the Ames Straw poll for our campaign to remain viable going forward. As you know, that didn't happen and I withdrew from the race.

Today, Mary and I are driving Anna to start her freshman year at college. As we reflect on this family milestone, we're reminded of what matters most.

We will be taking time to prayerfully consider what is next. One thing is for sure, I remain committed to turning this country around, getting a Republican elected to the White House and advancing the values we share in common and hold so dear.
Again, our warmest wishes and deepest thanks to all of you.


Tim and Mary

Peace out and better luck next time.