Saturday, 10 September 2011

Now It’s a Two-Horse Race

After the latest televised GOP debate on Wednesday 7th the Republican field seems to have found its frontrunners; former Gov. of Massachusetts Mitt Romney and Gov. of Texas Rick Perry. I’d like to analogise the race as two men grappling with each other in a swimming pool looking to drown the other one; no euphemism intended I promise.

Seemingly the gauntlet has been thrown down as the Romney campaign hadn’t issued any formal press releases criticising the other GOP candidates until the night of the debate where it took aim at, one-time Democrat, Perry. The four documents released by Romney’s team attacked the Texas Gov.’s record on jobs, his perspective of Social Security as a “Ponzi scheme” (referring to a letter Perry sent in 1993) as well as highlighting his history as a “career politician.” Who in mainstream American politics isn’t? … Romney of course!

What has ensued in the days since Wednesday’s debate, in California, has been something of a petulant game of one-upmanship. And long it may it continue! So glad proper politics in this race has finally started.

When asked how he compared his less impressive jobs record to Perry’s Romney sought to highlight his 25 years in the private sector as being of greater substance. Perry swiped back later saying: “Running a state is different from running a business.” In case the Texan wasn’t briefed properly Romney has run both a state and a business with, arguably, success in both so perhaps he does know the difference.

Then the back-and-forth of which comparatively small-fry politician endorsed who ensued as rather irrelevant name after rather irrelevant name were banded around by the two camps. I can only hope this evolves into a humid and sweaty slugfest which would undoubtedly keep things warm over the coming winter; again, no euphemism intended. Winking smile