Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Perry is Coming

The Gov. of Texas is rumoured to be making his announcement to run for President on Saturday. A couple of weeks ago we told you speculation was mounting that an announcement was coming although, at the time, we were expecting it to come in the second half of August. Means this long and detailed Perry profile is coming soon. As they say: no pain, no gain.

Perry’s candidacy will put him in the conversation for frontrunner at the very least but, it seems, he will become the prime focus of GOP hopes. His record on turning Texas into the USA’s premier business and employment state is going to give him a strong fiscal platform to challenge Obama.

However, this is not to say his platform is without holes. To many, Texas’ economic success under his tenure is the result of previous long term policy and that many of the jobs created in Texas have been minimum wage for migrant workers. Added to this, he only managed to reduce the state budget (and add the accomplishment as a string to his bow) at the expense of the elderly and the state education budget.

He also vetoed a law to ban the use of mobile phones when driving on the basis that it constituted an unacceptable interference by the government into the personal lives of citizens. With gems like these writing about Rick is going to be highly amusing!

In any case, Rick Perry is going to be great value for money and a thunderous jolt to what has been a rather lacklustre GOP field.