Tuesday, 8 November 2011

"Scared Mittless"

The Huntsman campaign has released a web spot detailing how presumed front-runner Mitt Romney has been avoiding the press. The 90 second video also lists numerous newspaper headlines describing Mitt's penchant to brush aside questions from both the press and voters. Tip of the cap to Politico for the headline, "Mitt Romney's Mittness Protection Program." 

Romney with a sticker adorned supporter. Photo: alicegop (Flickr)

In our opinion this is the best spot of any sort we've seen so far. Perhaps it's the pleasant music selection and fresh change from the ubiquitous orchestral grand standing ads that aim to portray their candidate as the greatest politician since Abe Lincoln. 

In any case, for us, it hits the nail on the head. Romney's game-plan is not to shoot himself in the foot and let the other chasing candidates end their own campaigns by drying up in the glare of the national media's spotlight. It happened Bachmann, seemingly Perry and it looks like, as this website predicted, Herman Cain.