Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Gingrich surging up the polls

Former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, has suddenly found himself rising up the polls chasing current poll toppers; Herman Cain and Mitt Romney. A Quinnipiac poll has shown the former Georgia representative to be placing third in three battleground states; Florida, Ohio and PennsylvaniaAnd now the hype cycle has found its next stop; I'll give it five weeks at most.

("Sign my shirt please!") The bloke might as well be Matt Stafford. Credit: IowaPolitics.com (Flickr) 

The poll was released last Thursday and shows Cain leading in Florida and Ohio whilst he's tied with Romney in Pennsylvania. With Florida and Ohio being two of the most prominent bellwether states, they have both only gone in the presidential losers column twice, things are currently looking positive for Cain despite the persistent allegations of sexual harassment. 

However, it is of this newslog's opinion, belief and foresight - okay that might be a bit strong - that Newt is simply another stop in the hype cycle. The mad scramble by the co-opted Tea Party and more conservative factions to find anyone else to run except Romney. All together now: "ANYONE BUT MITT!"