Monday, 3 October 2011

Bobby Jindal backs Rick Perry

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal has thrown his weight behind Texas Gov, Rick Perry’s run for the GOP nomination. The party hot-shot and rising star is touted a future Presidential hopeful and possibly even as a running mate for a candidate this time round. Worth a warm bucket of what again?

Bobby Jindal addresses a crowd. The GOP's answer to Obama? Credit: lagohsep via Flickr under a CC license.  

Jindal is also something of a mega fundraiser given his elevating status. Like Marco Rubio, another possible running mate for the GOP nominee, Jindal has an ethnic minority heritage. This demographic of society has never been a strong Republican party voter so either of these two would be seen as potentially viable VP choices. Are we being cynical here?

Speaking of Perry, Jindal said he was: “the candidate who can lead our party to victory in 2012."

In truth, Jindal is more astute than Rubio wouldn’t entertain the idea of becoming VP. Why cash his ever-expanding lot in now when in four or eight years he could well likely be one of the big names going after the GOP nomination? Jindal is a more consummate politician than Rubio who came in on the back of Tea Party fuelled hysteria support as he surprisingly upended the established Charlie Crist in the Florida Senate race.

Jindal may not feature much in this presidential campaign but you will likely see his name in the future. The Republican’s Obama?