Tuesday, 5 April 2011

And the Race for 2012 Has Begun

Barack Obama has formally entered himself into the Presidential race for 2012. He's the first candidate to do so and obviously the Democrat nominee.

The logistical motivations behind this are clear; the sooner you start raising money the more you raise by the end of the campaign. Which for the Democrats is crucial if they want to raise the heady sums of the last election and pursue their strategy of getting-the-vote-out amongst more apathetic parts of society ,the majority of which, will vote for Obama. Added to this is the need to run major TV campaigns in battleground states including those ones which Obama won in 2008 as statistics show his support waning. Obama has advantages this time around which include the stage of the Presidency to broadcast his message as well as the travelling capabilities of Air Force and Marine 1.

The likely Republican candidates seem to be playing a large game of chicken as when one declares then so will the others. The main reason being that once the announcement is made then comes a higher level of media scrutiny. Mitt Romney and Tim Pawlenty seem the two big fish likely to declare but of course what every political spectator wants to see is Sarah 'The Barracuda' Palin herself announce that she is going to take the fight to Obama. This would make 2012 the most entertaining, exciting and interesting race in the history of America - in my opinion. 

So whilst I continue to wait for Palin to muster the courage to take Obama head on I leave you with Obama's campaign video to his supporters released in the last few days, enjoy!